Are you ready to be free from pain?

Your body is unique with its own special history, problems, strengths, and needs.  That's why I don't follow a set protocol, as required by most massage chains.  My protocol is what your body needs to be its best at whatever place you are in life.

You may need a nice, relaxing Swedish massage with hot stones and warmed essential oils.   You may also need some neuromuscular techniques to reset your muscle tone, myofascial release and unwinding, deep tissue, trigger point treatments, Cranio-sacral work, passive stretches, muscle energy techniques, Ortho-bionomy.  And you may need all of that in one session.  Together, we work out a flexible treatment plan tailored just for you for each session.

I work with whatever pain you bring.  I enjoy working on headaches and problems resulting from whiplash and scoliosis.  I feel especially called to work with those who are seeking to be free from the pain of past domestic abuse, for past traumas often stay trapped in our body's tissues until released.  I can also be called to work with those who are dying and want to ease into death with hands-on prayer, music, and massage.  If you're living with chronic pain, I understand personally what that means, and I will do all in my power to help you.

I keep my practice small so that I can concentrate my energies on your healing.  In addition to being a licensed massage therapist, I am also a spiritual director and progressive Christian theologian whose research interests are in trauma.  It is an honor to help you break free of past patterns of pain, which are often simultaneously physical, emotional, and spiritual.  But you are in charge of your healing, so if you want me to just concentrate on facilitating the healing of a physical injury, that's what I do.  If you just need to de-stress to the music of your choice without conversation, you've got it.  If you want to get in touch with a past emotional trauma around physical pain, I can listen, bear witness, and offer suggestions for release.  If you'd like guided meditation, I can provide that.  I am here to facilitate your healing from the Healer.  

Call, text, or email me so we can work together to help your body be the best it can be.